Arnon Barnes, International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor, teaches business owners the mindset of a winner.  He – by own experience and by knowledge – will do anything in his power to let you be the entrepreneur you need to be, making sure every aspect of your life gets better. Arnon’s approach is all about results, business strategies and tactics, but most of all it’s about you. Arnon will give you unconditional and unquestionable support and straight, honest feedback. He takes you out of your comfort zone and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He expects a high commitment and a ‘whatever i takes’ mentality of his clients. He will show you what you don’t see yet, leaving you empowered, hopeful and ready for action!



Because of the contrast between Arnon’s upbringing in South Africa and his later life in Israel, he actually ‘learned the best of both worlds’. In South Africa he was taught how to behave well. People around him were kind and polite. In Israel life was quite the opposite. There he learned to be more tough, to fight back. This way Arnon was prepared to play the game of business in the right way. Arnon is fascinated with what motivates people, with Peak performance. Always finding out how far he can go, how far he can push the boundaries of the status quo. Business is an aggressive and offensive sport. You have to be on top of the game and give your best all day every day like an athlete. Get in the ring with the right tools and psychology.


Arnon Barnes grew up in Johannesburg, South-Africa and eventually the family decided to move to Israel. Arnon’s father however chose to stay behind in South-Africa. They had no family or friends in Israel to fall back on and didn’t speak the language. Arnon left school to help his mother pay the rent and provide for his younger sister and baby brother. Arnon successfully completed serving 3 years in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) by the age of 22 where he learned many important lessons including discipline, team work and the power of focus. After he finished his service, he moved to Canada to start working in sales for a network marketing company. Working in the retail industry he gained a lot of experience interacting with people by leading sales teams and operations. Soon afterwards Arnon moved to London where he started building his own retail company. He travelled to many interesting places around the world and by the age of 28 he sold his UK based company and started strategically investing in real estate. His natural talent for creating relationships, strategic thinking and negotiating came in very handy when venturing out into businesses, countries and industries. His ability to build strong partnerships, motivate and inspire people has enabled him to be successful in various business arenas such as retail, tourism, hospitality and real estate.

"The best way to help the poor, is to not become one of them."

- Arnon Barnes


After following a Millionaire mind intensive event, Arnon couldn’t understand why not everybody was following this program and after a next intensive program he got triggered to turn this around. He realised helping people and creating real change is what drives him. This was the start for Arnon to eventually take the step to becoming an international Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor.



Arnon Barnes’ clients are experienced entrepreneurs with a team. They are result-oriented and ready to step into their super power to live the life they dreamed of when they started. Arnon works with decision-makers and action takers; business owners that understand the importance of a coach, someone from outside to open their eyes and give a different perspective. People that are looking for a way to thrive business wise and to affect the quality of their life and the lives of their family, team and friends. Arnon expects all of his clients to show high commitment and a ‘whatever it takes’ mentality.

"To have what you've never had, you must do what you never did and become who you've never been."

- Arnon Barnes


Arnon underlines the importance of his dedication to his son. It is his duty to be successful not only in business but also as his father. To be present, be a part of his live and have great experiences together. Of course, as important to function as a great father is to take good care of yourself; Arnon loves to push the human spirit including his own. He keeps on pushing himself to do new exciting things like sky diving, traveling and kickboxing. He wishes to keep on broadening the horizons, exploring new countries, new places. Life is like a game. You go to the next level every time by doing things to get there. Stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone. This makes you a bigger player and makes you grow. You can achieve success at a level only if you grow yourself.