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2-day online Business Owner Masterclass 

Get your business into the 'Power-Zone' and set it up to make your exit whenever you choose to. 

Discover tactics to tap into your personal power, increase your confidence levels and find what drives you as a business owner.

Make more money, have more fun and enjoy more freedom by doing less. 


"Get ahead of the game and follow the success algorithm that allowed me to buy 3 companies during this pandemic with no cash of my own."

~ Arnon Barnes


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"This is a 'must attend' event and will change the way you think about business."

- Anthony HIll, Business Owner, UK 

2-day online Business Owner Masterclass 


In this Arnon Barnes Signature programme, he takes Business Owner Masterclass graduates on a deep-dive into the works of being a true Business Owner, Investor and Serial Entrepreneur. Arnon gets real up close and personal with each delegate to get the most out of this 2-day LIVE event.

When you have attended the online Business Owner Masterclass you will automatically receive an invite for the next upcoming The Business Code LIVE event. If you haven't received an invitation and wish to join, please contact our office at [email protected] or via the contact form


Arnon is a firm believer that the only way to keep growing is to keep studying. He has been studying the behaviors, actions and mindset of the most wealthy people on the planet for years. Now he decided to share his insights and the tools he created for himself with you in 16 online lessons that will change your business and life forever.


"This program has so many golden nuggets, it is impossible not to go to the next level in your business and at the same time in your life. I learned more in 2 days than in any other training I have attended."


- Rachel Gabrielli, Business Owner, Portugal

The Business Code LIVE training



Have you got what it takes to get out of your comfort zone? Do you dare to measure yourself to the absolute greatest force out there? 

Only TRUE LEADERS are invited to join Arnon on this exclusive 10-day, action-packed, experience in the South African wilderness.
With no contact to the outside world, 1-on-1 and group coaching from Arnon and guided through nature by the most professional team out there, you will discover your true personal power
Find out what makes you the best leader for your team, how you act when life gets tough, and how to reconnect to nature and your inner-self...

*We accept max 8 participants for the 2021 group

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“The Safari Leadership Experience has exceeded by far my expectations. It was an enabler to reconnect to my true self. Something that I was not able to do for years."


- Dr. Eli Fel, Germany

10-day Safari Leadership Experience