"How to connect to your true strength and be the leader you've always aspired to be."

Internationally acclaimed Business Mentor, Arnon Barnes, takes you on the adventure of a life-time that will push you out of your comfort zone and helps you connect to your true inner-power, passions and strengths to be a bigger, better leader.


Date & Time

Next trip 2024 is in the making!

Stay tuned for dates & details. Or contact us for more info.

Arrival in Johannesburg, South Africa: Sunday 

Departure from Johannesburg, South Africa: Sunday 

Do you have what it takes?

Being an entrepreneur means that you have to be courageous. You are willing to take risks. Risks that nobody else is willing to take. Courage shows up when you know, what gear to use when climbing up or when you are going long and straight. 

Most people feel fear and they back off. The secret is to feel fear and go through it. That is when courage exists.

That is one of the things you will learn during my Safari Leadership Experience. 

We accept maximum 6 participants for the 2024 group. !!ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!!

I want one of the 4 spots left for this year!

"You don't need more to have a grateful life"

“Looking back to this week with what we have right now, just a tent and everything around us. You don’t need more to live a grateful life. I learned the first time in my life that I’m disconnected.

I realized to get back to the basics things go easier without having distractions around and the most important thing around me is my family.

I’m living in the business world, living like a business man and it’s always business, business, business and I realized right now that around the business is my family and I need to work more on my relationship with my family.”

Peter Paelinck, Belgium (SLE 2018)


The Program 2024

Day 1: Arrival in Johannesburg*, South Africa, before 3pm local time; Personal pick up at airport

Wildlife Safety Briefing

Overnight stay in 4* hotel in Johannesburg

Day 2: Transfer to Wilderness Camp

Day 2 - Day 6: Stay at Wilderness Camp including daily walks and game drives, lectures on mindset, business, nature and how it all links together and many other experiences and adventures. Arnon will lead daily debrief sessions and invite all participants for 1-on-1 coaching sessions. 

Day 7: Transfer to and stay at Luxury Lodge

Day 8: Transfer back to Johannesburg and departing flights* back home after 7PM local time

*Flights to and from Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport and possible mandatory vaccinations, tourist visa and or tests() are not included.

All meals and drinks are included during your experience. We will be joined by a team of local professionals including:

  • Highly trained Lead Guide,
  • Back-up Guide,
  • Professional Photographer
  • Camp Staff; chef and cleaner
  • On-site support from Worldwide Success Partners delegate

[This program has been developed in collaboration with Worldwide Success Partners; custom leadership programs in nature.]

I want to join the 2024 group


OUTSIDE of your comfort zone is where true change, impact and success happens.

Business owners with character, drive and determination look for those opportunities; those adventures that will push them to new heights.

Being in the beautiful BUSH in South Africa, physically places you out of your comfort zone and immediately opens up the opportunity for you to experience your strength and be with an exclusive, strong and like-minded group of leaders that want to go to the next level without regrets in life


Be Aware - Take Action -
Have incredible Results

There are lessons about leadership all around us, and without your day-to-day distractions, you have a unique opportunity to become aware, see what actions benefit you, which ones don’t and how to create better results in ALL areas of your life.


"The way to grow my business is to grow myself"


"I came on the Safari Leadership Experience to become a bigger person and better leader and I found exactly that. 

At one moment my whole spirit opened up. That was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

I've met some incredible people, made friends for a lifetime. I would definitely recommend this for everybody who wants to be the best version of themselves. 

I really felt at one with life."

David McGowan, Belgium (SLE 2018)

I am ready to become a bigger person and better leader

Dr. Eli Fel, Germany

“The Safari Leadership Experience has exceeded by far my expectations. It was an enabler to reconnect to my true self. Something that I was not able to do for years."

Safari Leadership Experience 2017

Rob Aalders, Netherlands

"I can say I came back from the experience as an upgraded version of myself. Seeing what happened after that and the situation now (COVID-19 pandemic), I can adapt and continue because of the lessons in the wild.

The state of awareness, mind set and purpose I gained there has been instrumental in the shift of my purpose and mission in life. I wish the same for you!"

Safari Leadership Experience 2020

What does WINNING mean to me? 


One of the definitions of winning is being the very best at showing up. Most people don't show up in their life. Most people don't do whatever it takes. Winning must mean running a successful business, but it should not mean sacrificing your entire life to achieve it. It has to be about more than money. It's also about better relationships.

One of the keys to success is to show up earlystay till late in and in between do whatever it takes. That's what winning is all about.
That's what makes you the best you.


This experience is not for the weak. You will learn powerful lessons amidst a breathtaking and wild environment, mentored by Arnon Barnes.
This is why he will not just allow anyone to sign up for this program. All participants are personally selected for that year by Arnon to provide the highest quality of lessons, people and impact. When you apply for your spot, you will hear within 72 hours if Arnon is willing to discuss your participation with you. This way he can determine whether you are the right fit for this year's group. 

We accept maximum 6 participants for the 2024 group. !!ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT!!